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Factory use cow feed pellet making machine line

1 ton per hour cow feed pellet making machine line suitable for large feed factories. Due to the large volume of the entire production line, there are certain requirements for the volume of the factory building, which needs to be large enough. After the factory meets the conditions, we can also customize some details of the production line according to your needs. This production line contains pulverizer, mixer, pellet machine, cooler and packing machine.

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What is the process after a customer orders a large production line from LIMA?

After you communicate with our Lima sales and confirm the details of all the machinery and equipment, pay us Lima for the goods. After confirming the receipt of the payment, what kind of process will your machine go through before reaching your hands? Now I will reveal the secret to you.
First of all, our factory will start to produce your machine after receiving your order and confirming your needs. Large-scale production lines generally take one to two weeks.
After production, we will test and debug your machine. At this time, your sales will send you pictures and videos of the test machine to confirm your machine.
After the confirmation is correct, the machine will be packaged and shipped. The shipping time is different in different countries and regions, but your machine will be shipped to the port of your country in about a month.

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