Correct operation of feed mill pellet mill



Correct operation of feed mill pellet mill

The pellet mill is the main equipment in the production process of each feed factory, and it can also be said to be the heart of the feed mill. The correct use of the pellet mill directly affects the economic benefits of the feed mill. Correct operation and use essentials:
(1) Test drive
After the machine is installed, a test run should be carried out first, and the following points should be done during the test run:
1. Familiar with the lubrication system of the granulator
2. Put the power-on switch in the OFF position
3. Before opening the door, separate the cutter from the die.
4. Open the door cover of the granulator, check whether the fasteners in the pressing room are loose, and whether the fastening is reliable.
5. Check the agitator, feeder and ring die hole to see if there is metal or foreign matter accumulated in it.
6. Check whether the tightening bolts of the ring die are tightened, and the torque of the tightening bolts and nuts is generally 48 kg/m. After the granulator has been running for about half an hour, check the torque data of the tightening bolts and nuts, and do not tighten them too tightly or too loosely.
7. Turn the machine by hand to check whether there is blockage and whether the transfer is flexible.
8. Check the oil level of the gearbox. When the granulator is running, a certain oil level must be maintained.
9. Check whether the gas supply is normal, the steam pressure should be 0.2-0.4mpa.
10. Close the door of the granulator and fasten it.
11. Flip the power-on switch to energize the motor.
12. Start the main motor: Important note: Do not put anything (including hands) into the machine.
13. Check whether the ring die is turned correctly. When you face the die, the rotational direction of the die is clockwise.
14. Check whether the stroke shape works effectively. Pull the contact of the stroke switch by hand, and the main motor should be able to power off.
15. Start the main engine for about 20 minutes. After parking, touch the pinion close to the oil seal by hand. If the pinion is hot, the pressure of the oil seal plate should be loosened, but oil should not leak.
16. There should be enough material in the granulation bin above the feeder, and the material flow must be uniform and continuous.
17. Drain the condensed water in the steam pipe to ensure that water droplets do not drip into the conditioner.
18. Put in a certain amount of material (oily feed and feeder and conditioner, and start two motors) to remove the metal that may fall into it during installation, but the material does not pass through the ring die granulator, because Metal fragments are very dangerous for ring dies and press rolls.
19. Restart the main motor, test the pressure with a small amount of oily feed (such as fine bran), and feed the material from the observation door of the unloading chute during the pressure test time. After the test drive of the parts is normal, it can be used for official driving. If any abnormal phenomenon is found in any step, it should be eliminated at any time.