Research on common mechanical failures of pulverizers and their elimination strategies



Research on common mechanical failures of pulverizers and their elimination strategies

   The pulverizer and the motor together form the pulverizer system. The pulverizer will also have some failures in industrial and agricultural applications. Common failures can generally be divided into two categories: mechanical failures and electrical failures. Mechanical faults can generally be judged by the naked eye and hearing, while electrical faults are generally not easy to find. Therefore, during employee training, the ability to judge and eliminate mechanical faults will also be mainly cultivated. A variety of pulverizers are also used in the work of the feed factory, and the most commonly used is the hammer mill. This paper analyzes and studies the mechanical failure and troubleshooting of the hammer mill.
1 Crusher clogged
     During the use of the pulverizer, the problem of clogging of the pulverizer often occurs. There are many reasons for the clogging of the pulverizer. It may be because the device does not fit well when the pulverizer is assembled, or it may be that the viscosity of the crop itself is too high and sticks to the wall of the device. However, the situation that the pulverizer is generally blocked is due to improper use of the staff. Therefore, you can go to see the feed crushing machine.
1.1 Blockage caused by too many seeds in the pulverizer
      During the working process of the pulverizer, because too much raw materials are added at one time when feeding the raw materials, the pulverizer has too much load, and the pulverizer will be blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid this situation as much as possible during the feeding process. When feeding, always pay attention to the hour hand of the ammeter. When the load of the crusher is too large, the current pointer will point to the direction of high current, so when the current When the pointer is too high, the staff needs to stop feeding. Once it is discovered that it is not timely, the pulverizer will work under the condition of heavy load for a long time, and the motor will be burned out in serious cases. The speed of the pulverizer directly affects the feed output of the feed factory, so the speed of the pulverizer is generally faster and the load capacity is strong, and the load weight of the pulverizer is not fixed and the fluctuation is strong. Because of this, the current of the pulverizer during operation also has a certain limit, most of which are controlled within 20% of the rated current, and the current limit of the pulverizer depends on the input of the feed port. When the feed port is input, the feed port needs to be used. The feeder is also divided into a manual feeder and an automatic feeder. Manual feeders are generally only used in pulverizers with low power, while electric feeders are used in high-power pulverizers in general industrial and agricultural factories. Therefore, the appropriate feeder should be reasonably selected according to the model and power of the pulverizer.
1.2 After crushing, the material channel is blocked, or the exhaust network is not smooth
     Due to the long working time of the pulverizer, the screw blades of the auger will be worn during use. Once the wear is severe or the screw blades fall off, the channel will be blocked and blocked. In addition, the belt of the hoist is seriously worn, resulting in slippage during the rotation, and the passage will also be blocked when the deviation occurs. When this happens during the working process of the pulverizer, it is necessary to repair the closed air blades in time, tighten the belt, or replace it to deal with the blockage.
     During the working process of the pulverizer, it is necessary to have an air net and air duct matched with the pulverizing process. If the air duct or the air net is blocked during the process, the wind force that needs to be used in the pulverizing process will be small or no wind. May cause clogging of the shredder. In the production of some special materials, due to the limited diameter of the material, the aperture of the air mesh screen will also be relatively small, so when the wind speed and air volume do not meet the requirements, the pulverizer is also blocked from time to time. Therefore, the staff needs to clean and inspect the passages and air network pipes of the pulverizer at a specific time to avoid the above situation.
1.3 Other reasons for the blockage of the pulverizer
      In the working process of the pulverizer, there are many reasons for blockage, and there are several common ones. For example, the hammer is worn, the screen holes are blocked, and the water content of the crop is too high to cause blockage. To deal with the above problems, it is necessary for the staff to regularly check the equipment and clean the equipment in a timely manner. For some equipment that is more prone to wear and tear, it is also necessary to regularly check and repair or replace the equipment. In the process of crop crushing, if the water content is too high, that is, more than 20%, the output will be inhibited, and it will also have a certain impact on the machinery. If the water content is too high, it will also cause problems such as blockage of the equipment. Therefore, when the pulverizer is working, it is necessary to strictly control the water content to achieve high output and reduce equipment wear.
1.4 The type of material will also cause blockage problems
      Due to the different varieties of materials, the characteristics of materials are different. Some materials have high water content, some have a lot of silk, and some materials contain more fat and oil, but it is difficult to pulverize alone, and it can be said that it cannot be pulverized alone. In addition, the sieve aperture of the mechanical facilities used in the crushing process of some materials is really limited. During the crushing process of some crops with high lint concentration, because the sieve aperture of the crusher is small, the crusher is sometimes blocked. occurring. It can be seen from the above that the crushed materials should be selected according to the model of the crusher as far as possible, and the raw materials with good quality and not easy to be crushed should be selected, and the water content should not be too high. Before pulverizing, pay attention to molting and shelling the materials in advance. Some raw materials that cannot be pulverized alone should be mixed with other raw materials in a suitable proportion before pulverizing. The aperture of the pulverizer should not be too small, which will help improve the pulverizer. s efficiency.
2 The pulverizer is noisy and has a certain vibration amplitude
     During the installation of the pulverizer, the pulverizer should always be kept level and stable. Moreover, the hardness of the whole frame should be detected in advance during the installation of the pulverizer. If the test result shows that the rigidity is insufficient, a solid frame should be added to control and adjust its hardness. The connection method of the pulverizer usually adopts direct drive, which is simple and easy to maintain. However, the equipment needs to be properly installed in the equipment of the direct transmission. , and often accompanied by severe noise disturbance. Therefore, in the installation of the pulverizer, it is necessary to conduct an overall analysis of the model of the pulverizer, and select the most suitable connection method according to the different models.
      There will also be a situation where the electronic rotor and the motor rotor are not concentric in the pulverizer. In this case, the motor of the pulverizer can be adjusted appropriately, such as the proper adjustment of the front, rear, left and right positions. Of course, the installation height of the motor can also be achieved. The concentricity of the two rotors reaches a suitable state. The unbalanced quality of the hammers will also bring the problem of large vibration to the pulverizer, so when installing the pulverizer, pay attention to the error between the hammers, and try to control it within 5g. Serious wear of the rotor of the pulverizer will directly affect the rotation speed of the rotating machine, which will bring the problem of uneven rotation speed of the pulverizer. Therefore, the rotor of the pulverizer should be inspected and replaced regularly.
3   Bearing overheating
     The bearing is an indispensable component in the pulverizer, and the performance of the bearing also has a direct impact on the normal operation and production efficiency of the pulverizer. its service life. Therefore, when it is found that the bearing is overheated, the work of the pulverizer should be stopped as soon as possible, and the failure of the pulverizer should be detected and eliminated. No matter the height of the bearing shaft is not suitable, or the lubricating oil is too much, or the installation between the bearing seat and the bearing is too tight, it will cause the bearing to heat up, and once the bearing fails, the work of the pulverizer will definitely be terminated. The command. Therefore, if the bearing is found to be overheated, it must be checked and repaired as soon as possible.
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