How to purchase and use of pellet feed machines



Purchase and use of pellet feed machines

The pellet feed machine is a machine for pressing powdered feed into pelleted feed, which can produce pellets for fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon and other aquatic products and livestock and poultry breeding. From its structural form, it can be divided into two types: ring mode pellet feed machine and flat mode pellet feed machine.

Among them, the small machine mostly adopts the flat mode pellet feed machine, the large and medium-sized pellet feed machine mostly adopts the ring mode pellet feed machine, and the ring mode pellet feed machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure and high production efficiency of the processed pellets, but the manufacturing process of the machine is complicated and the finished product is finished. The surface hardness is higher, and the ring mode pellet feed machine has a higher price than the flat membrane type pellet feed machine. The flat mode pellet feed machine has a simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and low manufacturing cost, but the processing efficiency is relatively low.

Users should pay attention to the following points when purchasing and using pellet feeders:
1. chassis fastening test. Check the fastening of the body and the chassis, the motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis. For the flat mode pellet feeder, check the assembly quality of the template locking screw and the particle cutter. For the ring mode pellet feeder, the main inspection template and the fastening of the pressure roller bracket and the pressure roller are checked.
2. Screw auger check. Turn by hand to check for any foreign objects in the auger. The screw auger shaft should rotate smoothly without any noise. Open the powder into the observation port of the screw auger, check whether it is convenient to switch, and repeatedly switch the ring mold to suppress the door tightly.
3. Warehouse door sealing inspection. In particular, it is necessary to check the sealing and locking reliability of the joint between the crushing bin and the powder feeding screw auger to achieve accurate positioning, firm locking and no leakage of powder.
4. Security check.
 Large and medium-sized ring mode pellet feed machine damages the machine to prevent foreign matter from entering the machine. The main shaft is provided with a safety coupling. When foreign matter enters the ring mold, the convex edge on the coupling will immediately trigger the stroke switch. For the fork, the safety bolt and the main shaft interlocking safety bolt are broken, so that the resistance of the main shaft is sharply increased. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the convex side of the main shaft safety coupling can effectively touch the fork of the travel switch when purchasing. The power to the spindle motor is cut off to protect the pellet feeder from damage. The pulleys, drive shafts, flanges, etc. of the pellet feed machine must be equipped with a protective cover to effectively protect the safety of the operator. Some machines in the press warehouse to prevent accidental injury to the operator of the ring die of the pellet feed machine, the door must be equipped with a security magnet, only when the door is closed, the fork of the travel switch in series with the spindle motor power supply The power supply to the spindle motor of the safety coupling can be switched on. The physical inspection can be used to check whether the function of the powder feeding inlet of the pellet feeding machine is reliable, and the inspection method is the same.
5. Test run. After the no-load test is normal, the pellet feed machine can perform load test operation under the powder. Add the appropriate amount of powder into the auger and test the vehicle to observe the current reading of the spindle motor under medium load.
6. Finished product inspection. The finished pellet feed should have a smooth surface, a neat section, and no cracks; the pass rate cannot be lower than 95%. The specifications of the finished product should be uniform and uniform, and it is difficult to crush it by hand.