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Chicken feed making machine export to South Africa,Kenya

Chicken feed making machine is making it easier to make pellets for a various variety of animals like chicken,duck,geese, sheep etc.
Chicken feed making machine is among the new machines in the market. They are making it easier to make pellets for a various variety of animals like chicken,duck,geese, sheep, cattle, poultry, rabbit, etc. It can make pellets capacity of 100~1000kg/h ,which have a diameter ranging from 2mm to 8mm. It means you can produce feed pellet depending on the demand in the market. The machine is a great invest opportunity to small-scale farmers in the market , they can invest in the small amount of money but have big profit.

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Chicken feed pellets are one of the cost-efficient feed invest on feed processing industrial, and they are the most preferred chicken feeds for the chicken farmers.Chicken feed pellet production is growing globally due to the more demand for nutritional feed,which also good business investment in poultry feed pellet production industry.

It’s expensive to buy the chicken feed pellets on the market for the chicken farmers.How to reduce chicken feed cost ? It is quite easy to make your own chicken feed pellets on your farm or homestead. Chicken are omnivores meaning they will eat almost everything they find. They can eat cereal,bug, toads and other foods like rotten fruits, vegetables, grass and grass seed.

For laying hen feeding,the chicken farmer need increase nutritional requirements to improve their egg production.Broiler requires sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates with vitamins and adequate supply of water,so they can grow weight in soon.

If you produce chicken feed pellet by your own chicken feed making machine,produced pellet is nutritionally complete feed that is in ground form. It’s the finest feed of chicken feed commonly available and its texture is similar to that of potting soil. It can feed young chicken ,laying hen,broiler etc.

How to make the best chicken feed by chicken feed making machine?
There are a variety of raw materials that can be used to make chicken feed pellets, like corn, barley, wheat,peas, and oats, alfalfa meal,grass powder, and cultured yeast, flax seed,fish meal, crab meal,kelp, salt for the premix. The raw materials are available on the most area,especially during the harvest season with an affordable pricing.

Here is a good formulation for chicken feed pellet:Crude protein 16.5%(min),lysine 7%(min), cruder fiber 5%(max), calcium 3.5%(min),crude fat 3%(min), Methionine 2% (min).

This kind of feed pellet normally has the highest amount of protein which are specially designed for productive hens.Chicken feed pellets are made through the process of crushing, mixing and pelletizing. This type of feed pellet is the most common type available.

Egg laying chicken requires calcium which is used in making of eggs. Oyster shells are often used since they are a source of calcium. This feed pellet has the right proportion of mineral, energy, and protein for the chicken since laying eggs depletes their energy. A chicken need around 24-25 hours to create one egg, so your chicken should have their pellets all day long. If a chicken doesn’t have enough food, she can’t make any eggs.That’s important to ensure your chicken goes to rest with full crops at night.

Mash diet is a form of complete feed that is finely ground and mixed. Each mouthful provides a well-balanced diet for chicken. Mash diet gives greater unification of growth and less death loss and is more economical. However, it is not so palatable and does not retain its nutritive value. Pellet system of feeding is really a processing system for mash materials, chicken feed making machine pressing the mash into hard dry pellets by mechanically.

Feed pellet provides the benefits of increasing the bulk density, improving feed flowability, and providing opportunities to reduce feed formula costs through the use of alternative feed ingredients. Through the effect of feeding pellets versus mash diets was evaluated and found that,the chicken showing a preference for the pellets without fines.Feed pellets can provide condensed nutrition for chicken. The pellets can reduce waste or wind loss,which are less dusty and will not separate during shipment. Due to these advantages, chicken feed machine is getting more and more popular on the animal feed market in South Africa,Philippines,Kenya etc .

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