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Feed formula for tilapia

Tilapia is a tropical fish, belonging to Perciformes and Cichlidae, with the characteristics of fast growth, mixed feeding habits, few diseases and strong adaptability. The distribution of tilapia aquaculture in my country is extremely unbalanced. In southern China, due to the better climate, tilapia aquaculture, especially the aquaculture of Tilapia fingerlings, has developed rapidly, and its output accounts for about 20% of the total output of local freshwater aquaculture- 40%, becoming one of the important freshwater aquaculture species in the southern region.

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Let’s take a look at the feed formula of tilapia:

(1) Rice bran 45%, bean cake 35%, silkworm chrysalis powder 10%, secondary powder 8%, bone meal 1.50%, salt 0.50%, appropriate amount of “biological fattening essence”, “high-efficiency health-care growth-promoting liquid” 10 catties, feed coefficient 2.1.

(2) 35% bean cake, 30% bran, 15% fish meal, 8.50% barley flour, 5% cornmeal, 5% locust leaf powder, 1% bone meal, 0.50% salt, appropriate amount of “biological fattening essence”, “high-efficiency health promoting Long liquid” 10 catties, feed coefficient 2.0.

(3) 100% full-price tilapia feed, appropriate amount of “biological fattening essence”, 10 catties of “high-efficiency health-care and growth-promoting liquid”, 10 catties of water, sprayed on the feed and fed immediately.

Formulations suitable for marine or cage culture of tilapia:

Bran 30%, bean cake 35%, fish meal 15%, corn meal 5%, locust leaf powder 5%, barley flour 8.5%, auxin 1%, salt 0.5%.

Formulations suitable for running water or cage culture of tilapia:

Grass meal 20%, fish meal 3%, bean cake 20%, corn gluten meal 20%, rice bran 20%, bran 10%, cornmeal 5.5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

Recipe for pond tilapia:

Dry pig manure or cow manure 50%, bran 37%, sesame residue 10%, fish meal 2%, bone meal 1%.

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