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How to produce fish feed in Nigeria

Fish feed ingredients just like other animals, fish requires a feed formula that contains protein, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and vitamins for healthy growth.
Fish requires mostly protein in their feed. The major ingredients used for fish feed production.

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Fish requires mostly protein in their feed. The major ingredients used for fish feed production.


  1. Rice Bran: The bran layer and germ of the rice is rich in fat, and is good for fish food.
  2. Fish Meal: It is produced by cooking fish, rolling and pressing to remove water and oil, and then drying. This ingredient is responsible for the protein supplementation in the fish feed.
  3. Soyabean Meal: This is the major source of protein in the fish feed formulation, it is especially high in essential amino acids, is palatable, and can easily be digested byfish.
  4. Groundnut Cake: This can be included in place of soyabean in the feed. It supplies amino acids.
  5. Cottonseed Meal: It is highly palatable and contains about 40% protein.
  6. Maize: This is the major source of carbohydrate in the fish feed formulation and accounts for up to 30% of the total diet.

Other ingredients include wheat offal, vitamins, growth boosters, crayfish dust, cassava, palm oil, eggs, salt, etc. Lima’s fish feed machine in Nigeria is popular.

Feed Formulation Procedure:

These ingredients are used based on the feed formula chosen. Depending on the kind of feed required, pelleting or extrusion can be used.

The process whereby food ingredients are forced to flow under conditions of mixing, beating, and heating, through a die that forms the ingredient is known as Feed extrusion.

Extruded floating feeds are favoured by farmers in Nigeria because they allow observation of the feeding processing thereby preventing wasteful feeding.

If it is done by pelletizing, the pellets sink rapidly when thrown into the pond, pollutes the water, and crumbles, thus leading to wasteful feeding.

Here are guides on how to produce fish feed in Nigeria:

  1. These ingredients are mixed in their right proportion by a feed mixing machine.
  2. It is then transferred to a feed pelleting machine which cuts the feed into desired sizes.
  3. The feed is then dried using a feed drier.
  4. Once properly dried, it is stored in a cool and dry place to avoid damping of the feed which may infect the feed and render it no longer useful.

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The summary of the process is as follows:

Fish feed grinding – Feed mixing – Feed extrusion – pellet drying – oil spraying and pellet cooling and packing.

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