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Animal feed pellet mill machine for sale,making rabbit cattle feed pellet

Animal feed pellet mill is mainly used for small-scale production of animal and poultry feed pellets,driven by electric motor or diesel engine.
Animal feed pellet mill is mainly used for small-scale production of animal and poultry feed pellets, it’s popular in grain feed factory, farm, poultry farm,small size feed plant.The raw materials are easy to obtain in most place, like corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, beans, cassava, grass, stalk etc. Driven by electric motor makes it more energy-saving and environmental friendly, it can be used for diesel drive for the electric power shortage area. The animal feed pellet market is growing fast with recent years, feed pellet mill machine becomes more and more popular in breeding industry.

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Featured with the unique advantages of competitive price, low consumption, simple structure and small area coverage,it is an ideal pelleting machine for small-scale industrial production and home use. That’s why more and more families and plants choosing them to produce the feed pellets. Maybe you can see the feed pellet machine.

Raw Materials For Animal Feed Pellet Raw materials include maize, corn, wheat bran, alfalfa,grass,rice,beans, oil cake, bone meal etc.To get the best nutrition effect from raw materials, it’s better to crush and mix all materials before pelleting. Usually, protein or other nutrients, like mineral and additive can also be added to the powdery raw materials for total mixing.

Advantage of Feed Pellet

  • Feed pellets have good palatability
    The feed materials can increase fragrance after processing into pellets, which stimulate the appetite of the animals, increase feed consumption and improve the feed digestibility.Processed feed pellets with high hardness,attractive fragrance,smooth surface, curing depth, both animals love to eat, chew adequately, which digestion and utilization rate is high, it can promote animal growth and development.
    ● Feed pellets can save feed stuff
    If you feed livestock with powder fodder, which can make sheep picky eaters and it is easily scattered, the wind will also blow up the powdery feed which causing waste, the utilization rate of feed is 92% in the most condition. But if you make pellet feed for livestock, they are not able to choose what they’d like to eat, the utilization rate of feed can reach 99%, it will save 7% than traditional fodder feeding.
  • Feed pellets increase storage time
    Generally, the powdery fodder contents 15% moisture,when the user storage those fodder in warehouse , it is easy to absorb moisture in the air, which is going to cake and mildew easily.If so ,those fodder need to be give up.After the powdery fodder is processed into pellets, the moisture will lose partially,if for home use without cooler or dryer,it can storage for around 3~4 month. Under commercial processing with drying and cooling, the processed pellet can be storage more than 1 year and will not deteriorate.● Feed pellets can adjust feed formulation
    By producing your own feed pellets with animal feed pellet mill, you can adjust the feed pellets formulation in accordance with animal growth phases, it can save a sum of money on purchasing the made-up feed pellets.
    ● Feed pellets can save man power
    One worker can feed about 28 sheep with fodder ,he also need clean the feed left by sheep that they don’t like. If with pellets feed, one worker can feed 36 sheep and with just less residue .So the labor efficiency can increase 28.57% by pellets feeding.

Advantage of Animal Feed Pellet Mill

  • Suitable for processing various kinds of materials into small feed pellets for animals like cattle, cow, chicken, rabbit, pig, etc,also suitable for making bedding pellets for horse,fox etc.
    ● Due to the simple structure design,its maintenance and repair is definitely more convenient and much simpler,the operation worker is much easier work on it.
    ● Animal feed pellet mill is mainly suitable for small-scale industrial production and home use, so it has competitive price,also with energy and cost saving.
  • The pellet diameter can be made according to your animals,pellet range is 2 ~ 12 mm,the pellet length also can be adjusted ,pellet length is 1~5 cm.
    ● The spare parts is mold and roller,it’s easy to change and less cost for user.
    ● This animal feed pellet machine is made of is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life.
    Welcome to Lima to see the animal feed pellet machine.
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