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Delivery pet food processing machine to Kenya

Like most food processing, weighing, measuring and mixing happens first. The next phase is fully cooked in extruder; using its own friction and heat within the machine to do so; before being pushed through a die plate which gives the kibble its shape,so the kibble can be made to look like anything from little hearts or bones to just spherical pellets. The shaped kibble is then dried to reduce moisture. Produced dog food is pre-cooked and ready to eat.

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Just like with humans, meals that include balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils, along with essential minerals and vitamins are key to a dog’s long-term health. Most pet food ingredients combine several different ingredients including meat, vegetables, grains, stabilizers, by-products, etc. Each of these have different levels of viscosity and chunkiness, and different requirements. That is, raw materials produced from the ingredients that, in fact, meet the specific needs of nutrients and are the best options to the different physiological states of pets.

The pet food processing machine has arrived in Kenya last week. Our clients have got his machine and ready to begin his pet food production. His target market is large dog but he doesn’t have dog food ingredients and he asked our help. We have sent his suitable dog food ingredienst and he adjusted it according to local condition. His final raw materials are minced poultry meal, vegetables and additives. His dog food is ready for sell on Kenya market this week. So he shared some photos with us.

Minced poultry meal Meals made from poultry offal are produced by cooking, pressing and grinding poultry offal, cartilage and meat flaps. Poultry meal are the most popular sources of protein. A well-balanced dog food should contain a good source of high-quality protein (which provides essential amino acids) as one of the first ingredients. Protein is needed for growth, development and a healthy immune system. So a good food processing machine will save us much time, and you can come to see the animal feed pellet machine in Lima.

Raw vegetables. Good sources of carbohydrates include most grains, fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates supply Fido with the energy he needs to get through his day. They also contain fiber which converts to glucose in his body.

Additives These vitamines are vital to your pets’ health and it’s important that they’re supplied in the right quantities and in the correct ratio. They are related to health, sight, skin, antioxidant activity, clotting factors, among others.

Finished dog food ready for sell on Kenya market
Our pet food processing machine is made of special materials, has reasonable structural design and quick self-cleaning performance to ensure the stability of the machinery and easy maintenance. The extruding technical advantages is fully reflected in the pet food production line that are easy to operate, has accurate parameter control to ensure the pet food is completed in a specific temperature, pressure, humidity and time. If you are interested in knowing more about our pet food processing machine, please directly contact us to get more details.

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