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Judge the quality of fish feed pellets

Fish feed, as the name suggests, is feed for fish. Its main components are composed of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Protein is an important nutrient for the survival of fish and shrimp, and an important constituent of cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

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The normal growth of fish requires a sufficient amount of protein in the feed, which is easy to digest and absorb and has a suitable ratio of various amino acids. When the protein intake of fish is insufficient, the growth is slow, the immunity of the body is reduced, and the protein with the appropriate ratio of various amino acids is required. When the fish intake is insufficient, the growth is slow, the immunity of the body is reduced, the tissue renewal is slow, the wound healing ability is poor, and it is easy to get sick. I would like to introduce the fish pellet making machine.

But how to tell the quality of fish feed pellets, there are some tips for your reference:

Look – just hold the feed in your hand and take a closer look to see its fineness and color. If the yellow bean cake has many ingredients, the purple is mostly rapeseed cake, and the black is mostly cottonseed cake. It is better to crush the finer feed.

Smell—that is, grab the feed close to the nose and smell it. It is better to smell the fragrant and umami taste of fish meal (the fragrance of fresh fish meat being dried in the sun). If you smell the peculiar smell of vegetable oil feet, it means that the fat in the feed has been denatured and is poisonous to fish.

Taste – Take a small amount of feed and put it in your mouth to chew it slowly and taste it. After spitting it out, your mouth is numb or spicy, indicating that the feed contains raw materials that are toxic to fish.

Soaking – is to grab a handful of feed and soak it in water in a container. After it dissolves, wash it slowly with your hands and knead it. If there is immersion (sand or water turbidity), it is inferior feed.

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