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Processing methods of fish feed, fish feed pellet machine

The production of finished fish food to use a large number of machines and equipment, mainly crushers, mixers, feeders, twin-screw feed puffers, multi-layer dryer, etc.
Fish food fish feed is the key to fish farming, in general, fish feed needs to use nutrient-rich raw materials, after processing and then feeding, fish feed processing methods vary according to the type, there are fresh feeding, made into dry powder, softening and other methods, which is used more or the use of fish food equipment to produce finished fish food.

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There are several processing methods of fish feed:

Fish feed processing is an issue of great concern to farmers, the general processing of fish feed physical processing, chemical processing and biological processing of three methods, the common fish feed processing methods are.

1, animal block feed: chopped or churned and added to the bonded feed, made of dough or with other feeds to feed.


2, insects small animal feed: including earthworms, fly maggots, fungus worms, etc., can be fed directly fresh, can also be processed into dry powder use.


3, animal blood: animal blood is rich in protein, can be boiled and fed or directly mixed with other dry feed.


4, cakes feed: feed young fish need to knock, soak, grind after use, feed adult fish can be soaked soft.


5, bran, dregs feed: can be freshly fed, can also be dried and used, feeding adult fish can be mixed with water and wet bran and fermented to have wine flavor when used.


6, grain feed: sprouted and fed, sprouted feed in white when the highest nutritional value.


7, green feed: flush off the sediment, chopped or pulp and splashed with a trace of salt, can also be chopped and boiled and mixed with bran, soda and other concentrates.


8, Pellet fish feed: use special fish food production equipment and feed machine production.


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