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High efficiency fish feed pellet machine

High-end fish feed pellet machine. The floating fish feed pellet machine in wet type needs supporting boilers to produce steam, and Unicom steam is used. High quality fish feed can be produced. The minimum capacity of the floating fish feed machine in wet type is 200kg per hour, which is suitable for large-scale feed production.

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Why choose wet type fish feed machine, what is the difference between wet type fish feed machine compared and ordinary fish feed machine?

Compared with ordinary fish feed machine, the characteristics of wet type fish machine:

1. In terms of machine structure, the machine structure of the wet type fish feed machine is more complicated, a modulator is added, which can increase moisture, increase the temperature of raw materials, soften and mature raw materials.

2. In terms of configuration requirements, the configuration requirements of the wet type fish feed machine are higher.

3. Fish feed made by wet type fish feed machine has better effect, because the starch is gelatinized during the curing process, the fish feed is more nutritious after production, the fish is easier to absorb, and it is better for the fish stomach; the granulation effect is good, the appearance is good, and the fish The shape of the material is more round.

So, if you want to make higher quality fish feed, the wet type fish feed machine is your best choice.

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