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Mini fish feed making machine line for sale

This mini fish feed production line consists of four machines, which are crusher, mixer, fish feed making machine and dryer. This small fish feed production line is LIMA’s best-selling production line, which is widely used in farm fish feed production and commercial fish feed production.

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How do I get my goods after I place an order?

After confirming the order with you, it will take about one week for our factory to produce your machine.

And after the production is completed, our factory will pack your machine in a wooden box, because your machine will go through a long period of transportation, so we will use a wooden box to pack the machine, and try to avoid the machine from being in the process of transportation as much as possible, suffered damage.

After that is the transportation of the machine. Usually we choose land transportation and sea transportation. The transportation time required by different countries is different.

After the machine arrives at the destination port, you will be notified to pick up the goods at the port. You need to carry out the goods yourself at the port. Clear customs, after which you can pick up your goods.

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