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China supplier nice fish feed pellet machine for sale

Fish feed pellet machine are produced in LIMA’s own factory to the highest standards. The motors of the machine are all national standard motors, and the screws that are easy to wear are made of 42 CRMO material, which improves the strength and toughness of the screws and prolongs the service life of the screws.

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Fish feed machine, which one is better to buy?

Advantages of floating fish feed making machine:

  1. Our machine adopts international advanced granulating structure and soft knife fitting form to realize stepless speed change, which can cut the discharge material into the required length.
  1. Our machine can produce floating and sinking feed, the floating feed can float on the water for 24 hours,the feed size range is 0.8mm-12mm,and it can also be used for dog, cat and so on, only need to change the mould, maybe you can start your other new business, and we also offer you the feed formula.
  1. Our machine can produce the best floating feed and The floating pelletized feed produced can float on the surface of the water for at least 24 hours without blistering.
  1. This feed is more easier for fish’s digest, and can easily observe the food consumption of frog ,fish without causing waste and pollution of feed. The material effectively kills harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella by high temperature and high pressure, ensures the hygiene of the feed, facilitates protein denaturation absorption and starch gelatinization, and is easy for fish and animal to absorb.
  1. Automatic electrostatic powder coating: Generally, the extruder of other workshops sprays the surface of the machine, but it is easy to fall off and corrode. But our extruder uses automatic electrostatic powder coating to spray the body, which is not easy to fall off the paint and is resistant to corrosion.
  1. Our extruder’s screw material is 42 CRMO (42CRMO), and the service life is 800-1000 tons to be replaced once. The screw sleeve material is 40 (40CR) 800 tons and replaced once. Most extruder suppliers do not have an annealing process, because the annealing process equipment is very expensive, but a good annealing process can ensure the life of the extruder screw and ensure the floating effect of the fish feed. And our extruder’s screw is annealed and are ten times harder than ordinary steel.
  1. The compression ratio of the extruder must be sufficient, otherwise the fish feed pellets produced will not float. The compression ratio of the extruder is affected by the feed formula, but we can test the machine with the customer’s feed formula before delivery.
  1. It can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing feed. When using the floating fish feed produced by the extruder, it can save 8%-15% compared with the general powder or sinking feed.
  1. The main motor adopts 100% national standard pure copper motor, and thepower distribution cabinet is equipped with overload protection and thermal protection (detecting the state of the machine and protecting the motor)

Which feed pellet machine is good, LIMA, your best choice!

As one of the manufacturers of fish feed pellet machine, LIMA can provide you with high-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. We will also give you machine accessories as gifts to relieve your worries.

Choose LIMA, you will choose the most suitable machine for you.

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