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Fish feed extruder machine for sale in China

Floating fish feed pellet machine from LIMA just change the formula of fish feed, you can make fish feed for different fish, such as catfish, tilapia, etc. We can also provide you with fish feed formula. And we also have different size molds, usually 1mm-12mm,you can use different size mold to make different size fish feed.

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How much of the floating fish feed extruder machine?

“How much?” “How much of the machine?”Many people who are interested in LIMA fish feed pellet machine will ask these questions. It shows that this is also the question that everyone is most concerned about, so how much does a LIMA floating fish feed machine cost?
The fish feed pellet machine is divided into motor type and diesel type. The diesel type fish feed extruder machine is more expensive than the motor type fish feed extruder machine. Capacity from 40kg per hour to 1000kg per hour. The price of the fish machine is also mainly related to the capacity and power. The following is the parameter diagram of the main fish feed pellet machine, you can refer to it.

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