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Key points of fish feed extruder

There are some points to be careful for the fish feed extruder, to ensure the quality of pellet feed products, including sensory quality, nutritional indicators, hygiene indicators and processing quality indicators.

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1.Crushing fineness of raw materials: requirement for the material is important, and the crushing fineness of the raw materials must go over 85% and pass through a 40-mesh sieve.

2.Conditioning and tempering: The three elements of tempering are: moisture, temperature, and time; for fish feed, the moisture in conditioning and tempering must reach 14-15%; the temperature must be 90-100 degrees; and the time for conditioning and tempering in the conditioning room. The residence time needs to be controlled at more than 35-45 seconds.

3.Material temperature inspection: the grain temperature should not exceed 5°C of room temperature.

4.Particle water resistance test: for different particle sizes, the hard bottom standard is different, see the above picture (number of fish feed packaging processes).

5.Monitoring of powder content and pulverization rate: the powder content of fish meal shall not exceed 4%, and the powder pulverization rate shall not exceed 1‰.

6.Quality control of packaging process: quality inspection of packaging, labeling, bag weight and sewing.


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