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Hot selling good quality floating fish feed machine line

Hot selling good quality floating fish feed machine line

This floating fish feed making machine line capacity is 1-2 ton per hour, including crusher, mixer, dryer, season machine, cooler, conveyors and air transport system. Such a large production line only needs two to three people to fully operate, which is very suitable for large feed manufacturers. Of course, LIMA can also customize the production line plan according to the size of your plant, and provide you with the most suitable production line plan for you

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How much does a large floating fish feed production line cost?

How much does it cost to invest in a large fish feed production line?

Henan Lima Feed Machinery Co., Ltd. recommends that users choose fish feed production machines according to capacity requirements. A single fish feed pellet machine equipment costs around several thousand dollars. If it is a feed processing machine production line, it will probably cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to do a small feed processing factory, you can use a small fish feed machine production line, so that the production efficiency and automation will be higher. If you want to invest in a large fish feed production line, the main costs include the following aspects.

1. Plant and electricity costs
Large-scale fish feed production lines have certain requirements for the plant. Although we can customize the details of the machine according to the volume of the plant, the feed production plant is still required to be large enough.
The fish feed production line must be fully operational, and there are certain requirements for electricity. Local electricity is required to meet the basic operation of the machine.
2. The cost of machinery and equipment
According to your output, plant and other needs, we will make a quotation for you at LIMA, and the price of the machinery and equipment corresponding to different output and demand is different.
3. Shipping costs
After the production of fish feed production line equipment is completed, they will be transported, usually by land and sea, and the transportation costs incurred will also need to be borne by the customer.
If you want to invest in large fish feed production line, for more details about large fish feed production line, please contact us.


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