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Good price of floating fish feed pellet machine

The capacity of LIMA floating fish feed pellet machine ranges from 40 kg to 1 ton, which can meet various needs of customers.We use high-quality steel and national standard motors to manufacture fish feed making machine to ensure the quality of the machines. And use the plastic spraying process to spray the whole body of the machine to enhance the corrosion resistance of the machine

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What are the main parts on the fish feed pellet machine? Parts wear out, how often do you need to replace parts?


As shown in the picture, the parts on the fish feed pellet machine are screw, screw sleeve, mold and cutter etc.
During the use of the machine, the parts of the machine will inevitably wear out. After the damage to a certain extent, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it needs to be replaced. So, how long do the parts on the LIMA fish feed pellet machine need to be replaced after the machine is used?
The first is the main part on the fish feed pellet machine, the screw. The screw is the most important part of the feed pellet machine. In order to ensure the quality of each screw produced, LIMA adopts the best steel in the industry, and the screw can be kept for eight months without replacement.
The second is the cutter. As the most vulnerable part to wear and tear, the cutter needs to be replaced in about a month. However, Lima will give away 20 blades.
LIMA’s fish feed pellet machine is worn out during use, and you don’t need to worry about replacing parts. LIMA provides one-year free after-sales service to provide the best service for every consumer.


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