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Mini Fish Feed Making Machine Line

This line including crusher,mixer,fish feed making machine and dryer,the capacity of this mini line is 40-200kg per hour.And this mini fish feed making machine line is suitable for farmers or owners who are going to start a small-scale feed production business.

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Why the Crusher, Mixer and Fish Feed Making Machine are Necessary for Feed Production?

As we all know,dear,making floating fish feed pellet need the formula,in the formula has various kinds of raw materials,such as corn,maize,and other cereals.so you need to crush those cereals into the powders first,so you need the crusher.


And then as the portation ratio of the formula to mix the powders in the mixer,in order to fully mix the various raw materials evenly, so you need a mixer.

Fish feed making machine is the main machine in fish feed production line, you need to use it to make fish feed.

Why is a dryer not necessary? Water is often added to the formulation for the production of fish feed. After the fish feed is produced, the fish feed still contains water. In order to facilitate the preservation of the fish feed, we need to dry the water in the fish feed. In this step, we can use the sun drying method instead of the dryer, so drying Machine is not necessary, you can decide whether to buy according to your budget.


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