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1 ton per hour floating fish feed pellet machine line

A customer from Australia ordered a 1ton/h fish feed production line for his business in Nigeria. This floating fish feed pellet machine line includes crusher, mixer, floating fish feed pellet machine in wet type, dryer, seasoning machine, cooling machine and packing machine.

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Production steps of poultry feed production line

Feed pellet machine is the equipment for producing animal feed pellets. To produce high-quality feed pellets, a complete set of equipment is required, and it must be operated in accordance with certain production steps.

The first step is raw material pretreatment. In this step, the raw materials need to be cleaned, screened and crushed to ensure the stability and uniformity of the quality of the raw materials.

The second step is grinding. The mixed raw materials are ground to make the particle size more uniform and easy to enter the granulator for compaction.

The third step is mixing. Mix different types of raw materials evenly according to a certain ratio to ensure that the nutrients of various raw materials can fully play their roles.

The fourth step is to make feed pellets. The ground raw materials are fed into the granulator, and granules are formed by extrusion and friction. In this step, temperature and humidity need to be well controlled to ensure the stability and uniformity of pellet quality.

The fifth step is cooling and screening. The produced pellets are cooled and screened to remove unqualified pellets and make the pellets reach the appropriate moisture content.

The sixth step is packaging and storage. The screened feed pellets are packaged to ensure their quality and hygiene, and stored in an appropriate environment to extend their shelf life.

In the complete equipment production process of feed pellet machine, each step is very important and requires strict quality control. Only in this way can high-quality feed pellets be produced to meet the needs of animals and promote their healthy growth.

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