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Chicken ring die feed pellet machine, ring die feed pellet mill

Our chicken ring die feed pellet machine is a type of feed machinery for commercial purpose, belonging to the industrial pellet mill. The basic function of a ring die feed pellet mill is to produce high quality pelleted feeds for chicken, cattle, pigs, horse, duck etc. in large scale feed pellet plant.

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Ring Die Pellet Machine application

Mainly suitable for medium-and small-scale farming professional households and other processing of various livestock and poultry and aquatic pellet feed can reduce the cost of aquaculture.Feed machine can be used for raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, cattle, sheep, aquatic products, and so on. And you can see the chicken feed pellet machine.

Purpose of feed quenching and tempering
A. Conducive to feed granulation molding
B. Improve feed digestion and absorption rate
C. Increasing the stability of aquatic pellet feed in water
D. Increasing the output of the granulator and reducing the power consumption E. Reducing the wear of the stamper and the pressroll
F. Destruction and killing of harmful factors
G. 2~3 liquid components can be added during quenching and tempering


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