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Animal feed production line

Animal feed production line

This production line including crusher, mixer, pellet machine, cooler and sieve. And you can see, the design of this animal production line very small. But it didn’t reduce the output of the machine because of its small size, the output of this animal feed production line is one ton per hour. So if your factory not big, you can choose this design.

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How much is fish feed pellet machine?

First of all, the fish feed pellet machine is easy to use, convenient to feed, high utilization rate, easy to control the amount of feed, save feed, clean and hygienic. Especially for fish farming, because the pellet feed dissolves very slowly in water, it will not be submerged by sediment, which can reduce waste. The small feed pellet machine model has absorbed the essence of domestic and foreign pellet machines and is a new energy-saving product.

The traditional feed processing technology generally processed the feed into powder and then fed it, which had defects such as inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, picky eaters of livestock, and low utilization rate.

So, how much does the fish feed pellet machine cost?

The specific price depends on the needs of customers. The production scale and demand of each user are different, so the output of the selected model is also different, and the price of each model of pellet machine is also different. If you need fish feed pellet machine, you can contact us. Sales consultant, they will give you a satisfactory answer.

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