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1000kg/batch U type horizontal poultry feed mixing machine

Weight: 1000 kg
Brand Name: LIMA
Voltage: 220V/380V
Warranty: 12 Months
Capacity: 1000kg/batch
Mixing evenness: CV≤5%
Mixing time(min): 180-240S
Dimension(L*W*H): 150*55*78CM

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U type feed mixer machines:

Unique design system ensures full airflow balance of feed, suitable for premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Different types of raw materials are added to the mixer in batches according to different animal formula requirements.

The cylinder section is round in shape, mixed without dead angle, mixing time 2-4 minutes.

One end discharge, direct loading, simple equipment, low investment.

Mixing uniformity: coefficient of variation CV ≤ 7%.

Model Power voltage Capacity Mixing time
SLHY0.3 1.5KW 380V50HZ 150KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY0.5 5.5KW 380V50HZ 250KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY1.0 7.5KW 380V50HZ 500KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY2.0 15KW 380V50HZ 1000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY2.5 18.5KW 380V50HZ 1000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY5 30KW 380V50HZ 2000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY7.5 45KW 380V50HZ 3000KG/Batch 180-240


We provide both single equipment and complete feed making line, and accessories are also available.


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