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Lima poultry diesel pellet making machine, pellet mill machine

Power: 7.5kw/15hp
Weight (KG): 160 KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Customer`s Request
Voltage: 15HP

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The detail about the spare parts, once you order form our factory, you can get three molds for free. And we will always keep online of the aftersales service.

Main Features

1) Varied driving power, electricty or diesel; environmentally friendly and energy saving.


2) Equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.


3) Made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life.


4) Adopt screw-center adjusting pressure structure which makes flat die pellet mill more practical.


5) Can make different feed pellets to meet different production requirements.


6) Adjustable compression rate, the flat die pellet mill can meet different pelletizing requirements and is available to press coarse materials.


7) Can process various kinds of solid grain into small feed pellets for animals like fish, shrimps, chicken, rabbit, and pig; widely used in small aquaculture, grain feed factory, farm, poultry farm, as well as individual farmers.

8) The pelleting process is visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.


9) Simple structure, low consumption, small area coverage, easy operation and maintenance.


10) With Diesel flat die pellet mill you can make bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard.


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