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Chicken feed making machine in diesel

This chicken feed making machine’s capacity200-300kg per hour,the machine of this capacity is one of the best saling.The power of this type chicken feed making machine is diesel,so it is suitable for the farmers whose farm power is unstable or the farm lacks power.The chicken feed making machine can not only produce chicken feed, but also produce duck, cattle, sheep, pig feed , etc.

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How to choose the chicken feed making machine that suits you?

If you are learning about chicken feed making machine for the first time and want to buy one, you will find that there are many manufacturers and models, so how to choose a machine that suits you?

Here I have three suggestions:

1.Find the source manufacturer to buy, the source manufacturer can provide you with detailed machine parameters, complete operation manual and perfect after-sales service.

2.To clarify your own needs, whether you want to use the machine for your own farm or for making feed for sale.

3.Determine how much capacity you need. If you want to use it on your farm, and you have about 10,000 chickens, it is recommended that you choose the smallest model,80-100kg/h.About 30,000 chickens,it is recommended that you choose a 90-150kg/h model.About 40,000 chickens, it is recommended to choose the model of 200-300kg/h. If you want to use it for commercial use, choose flat die pellet machine for less than one ton, and choose ring die pellet machine for more than one ton.

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