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LM300B 600-800 Kg/h dog rabbit flat die feed pellet making machine

Weight: 200kg
Brand Name: LIMA
Power (kW): 22KW
Capacity: 600-800 kg/h
Certification: CE ISO SGS
Dimension(L*W*H): 1050*480*930

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Product Application:

Flat die animal feed pellet machine for farm is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. This dry type fish feed pelletizer has gained popularity in catfish farmers. And Flat die animal feed pellet machine is also used into animals feed pellets for sheep, cattle, poultry, goose, chicken and others.


Specifications For Animal Feed Pellet Machine
Model Wood chip production (t/h) Feed production(t/h) Engine(diesel/electric/gasoline) Motor Power
LM125A 40-60 KG/H 60-100 KG/H diesel 8HP
LM120B 40-60 KG/H 60-100 KG/H electric 2.2KW 220V 50HZ
3KW 380V 50HZ
LM150A 50-100 KG/H 100-200 KG/H diesel 8HP
LM150B 90-120 KG/H 150-220 KG/H electric 4KW 380V 50HZ
LM150C 50-100 KG/H 100-200 KG/H gasoline 13HP
LM200A 110-180 KG/H 220-350 KG/H diesel 15HP
LM230A 150-200 KG/H 300-400 KG/H diesel 22HP
LM230B 150-200 KG/H 300-400 KG/H electric 380V 50HZ 11KW
LM260B 200-300 KG/H 400-600 KG/H electric 15KW 380V 50HZ
LM300B 300-400 KG/H 600—800 KG/H electric 22KW 380V 50HZ


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