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Mini chicken feed making machine suitable for farm use

This is the smallest model chicken feed pellet machine in our company, its capacity is 60-100kg/h, it is widely welcomed by farmers. Compared with large machines, portability and mobility are its advantages.

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If you bought a flat die pellet machine, what kind of feed can you make with it?

First of all, we need to understand the working principle of the flat die pellet machine.

Its main components are a flat circular grinding disc and a set (2~4) of freely rotating rollers with grooves. The raw material falls into the gap between the rollers from top to bottom, is pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller, and a long cylindrical object is extruded from the bottom of the die hole, and is cut into granules by the cutter.

It can be seen that the flat die machine does not have a puffing effect when working. It only achieves the effect of making feed pellets through extrusion. Therefore, feed pellets that generally do not need to be made by puffing can be made by a flat die pellet machine, such as poultry feed for chickens, ducks and geese, cattle and sheep feed, sinking fish feed, etc.

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