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Diesel grass pellet making machine,alfalfa pellet mill

Grass pellet making machine press the grass powder into pellet through high temperature and high pressure . Grass pellets are pellets that made grass,straw,corn stalk,alfalfa,etc ,Grass is the main food of herbivores, like horse,cattle, rabbit, sheep, goat etc. So, the grass pellets mainly used to feed livestock.Grass pellets are convenient for storage and transportation compared to grass fodder. They contains less dust and debris, which are more easy to digest for the animals than common grass.

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In fact, grass pellets can also used as fuel for heating if the content moisture are accurately controlled. Even grass pellets may produce more ash than wood pellets, and the calorie in grass pellets is not so much wood pellets, but most agricultural waste can be processed into grass pellet, so grass pellets with much lower cost than wood pellet, so it is still a well-accepted method in Europe for a long time. In a word, the grass pellets are an excellent choice for both feed and fuel.

Advantages of Grass Pellet
¡ñ Small in size. Grass pellets are only about 1/4 of the volume of raw material grass or alfalfa, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
¡ñ Feed conversion rate is high. You can feed your livestock or horse with grass pellets in winter.
¡ñ Cost reducing. Agricultural waste or other crop by-products, stalks and leaves can be processed into grass pellets that can be used for livestock feed, it not only reduce livestock farm cost but also protect the environment.
¡ñ Improve forage quality and increase palatability. The grass pellet is made of materials mixture which avoid livestock picky eating and grass is more nutritious when made into pellets.

Grass pellet maker machine with wide application and unique advantages. There are a lot of clients have some questions about diesel alfalfa pellet mill : Can I make corn stoack into pellet ? Can I make my lawn grass into pellets? Can we make the grass pellets at home? Can I burn grass pellet for home heating? Grass is a kind of fine material for making pellets,it is easy to process, and the pellets are usually in good density and nice shape. Basically speaking, all the pellet mill, no matter it is small pellet mill, large scale grass pellet maker machine, they can all process grass perfectly. It will be provided according to your requirements and budget, it has a great potential market.

How To Make Grass and Alfalfa Pellet?
Firstly, we need to choose the suitable grass pellet machine according to our requirements. We have thress type pellet machine for your choice: Electric pellet machine,diesel pellet machine and gasoline pellet machine,Both those three machines with different capacity ,you can choose the most suitable one to depend on your local power supply. Generally, small pellet mills is suitable for household and small business. The large scale pellet mill is mainly used for commercial pellets processing.
After you have chosen the suitable pellet mill, you can prepare for your grass pellet making. The main parts of making grass pellets is control the moisture of the grass powder, it’s better to control the materials moisture around 13~16%. You can dry your grass in the farm.
Turn on the grass pellet machine and put the crushed grass meal into the pellet mill, then it will begin to work. The raw material will enter the pelleting room. The flat die will press the grass and squeeze the raw material into the hole. And then the raw materials are formed into the cylindrical pellet. The cutting knife will cut the pellet in to short pellet and then discharge from the outlet.
Small Tips of Alfalfa Pellet MillAfter pelletizing, you may need to cool the pellets down. If you make pellets for home, just put the pellets in some cool place, but if you make pellets for business, you may need a cooler machine for rapid cooling.

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