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Livestock feed pellet making machine,cheap cattle feed equipment

Feed pellet making machine is making feed materials into compressed feed pellets ,which can combine all the nutritional ingredients together that meets animal growth needs, also prevent picky animals in order to maximize the economic benefits for livestock farmer. The feed pellet uses grains such as maize, corn, beans,wheat bran, rice husks, grass, etc as raw materials, mixes the raw materials evenly and adopts scientific formulation according to a certain proportion and then form the final pellet with a series of processing. This kind of feed pellet could replace the meat and bone meal as cattle feed because it not only has high protein content but also has the balanced nutrition needs of cattle just as the meat and bone meal.

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Feed pellet mean kind of feedstuff which agglomerated feeds formed by extruding individual ingredients or mixtures by compacting and forcing through die openings by any mechanical process.Basically,the purpose of pelleting is compressing dusty ,unpalatable and difficult-to-handle feed material into feed pellet by using heat, moisture and pressure form it into larger particles.Compared to the original fodder,these larger pellet are easier to handle, more palatable and usually result in improved feeding results for livestock farming.
The steam conditioning and pelleting make the feedstuff more digestible by breaking down the starches, the pellet puts the feed in a concentrated form,when pelleted feed is fed, each animal receives a well-balanced diet by preventing the animal from picking and choosing between ingredients.Pelleting minimizes waste during the eating process. According to animal breeding report ,it have shown that most animals prefer the pellets if given the choice between the same feed in pellet or mash form

The animal feed pellet industry has expanded in response to increasing global population, growing urbanization, and increasing purchasing power,there are different animal species are being reared in the worldwide.Animal feed pellet is produced in more than 130 countries on the world.These countries for various purposes such as milk, meat, egg,protein etc. Increasing consumption of animal meat has increased the demand to raise livestock across all regions. The feed production will demand for the higher feed pellet production line.
Feed pellet making machine are main located in Asia and North America. About 60% of feed production is through pellet production and it is more prevalent in Europe. Feed pellet is considered to be the major component of animal rearing as it adds significant cost to the production.

Features of livestock feed pellet making machine
¡ñ Cheap price
The feed pellets are expensive and can cost you much money. you will not have to buy the pellets from the shop with this machine.Due to their different model with different prices, you can select one that will match your budget.
¡ñ Multifunction
The good thing about this machine is that it caters for both small and large farmers. It will help you develop high quality feeds that will improve the growth of your livestock. The machine is great because you will get the feeds without much effort. It will perform most of the tasks for you.
¡ñ Small size
Cattle feed equipment is small and light in weight to allow you to transfer it to your place of choice.With the pig feed pellet machine, you will perform all the tasks by yourself.
¡ñ Easy to operate
This feed pellet making machine adopted high precision gear driven,advanced flexible coupling to get high production efficiency .Once you purchase this equipment, you will easily come up with quality feed pellets without any skills,it’s not necessary to hiring a professional worker to operate it for you.

Small Tips of Cattle Feed EquipmentNote that there are various designs of feed pellet making machine, the type of pellet mill purchased should be confirmed by the scale ,small or large,animal, raw materials at which you intend to produce the pellets. Different livestock have different nutritional needs ,consult a nutritionists ,they will help come up with the right raw materials. In addition, ensure the raw materials are stored properly to avoid poisoning the livestock.

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