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Pet food production line manufacturing pellet food for dog,cat,bird

Pet food production line is used to produce different kinds of dog food, cat food, floating fish feed, sinking fish feed and so on.It is mainly made up with raw materials crushing system ,mixing system,extrusion system, drying system, flavoring system and packing system. This equipment with reasonable design and with high automation.The shape of pet dog food could be round bone shape, star shape, triangle shape, heart shape and so on,you just need change mold to get different shape.The various shape and taste can meet the different requirements of pet.

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Pets are man’s best friend. High-quality pet food not only attracts animals in appearance, but is delicious and healthy as well.Its main role is to provide nutrients to all kinds of pets ,to get the most basic life guarantee, also need meet growth and development and health needs.Good pet food has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, scientific formulation, high digestion and absorption rate, meet national quality standard, prevent certain diseases,also is convenient feeding and use .
Although pet food is a kind of animal feed,but it is different from chicken, duck, fish and cattle feed. For example, the real consumer of chicken feed pellet is chicken , but it is actually bought by farmers,they are seeking profits,their final purpose is getting profits from chicken farm.Farmers , so they are not high-end consumers, they pay more attention to cost saving and return benefit . Pet is different from them all, it lives in the our family,the pet owner care about their pet and wanna get them better life,they do not pursue profit, they pay more attention to pet food quality and brand rather than price,that’s why the manufacturer need pay more attention on pet food quality not cost.

How to make pet food to meet all those requirements ?Only the advanced production technology and processes can achieve this production standard. Our engineer has deep knowledge of technologies and processes learned from the world of food combined with the trend of humanization that is spreading in the world of pet food,it has led our technicians to the development of extrusion machinery able to produce products with the highest levels of digestibility and nutrition for the pet food.
We design and manufacture dog food production line for the production of any kind of dry pet food such as kibbles, pillows,bones,and various kind of treats. Zeno pellet machine provide pet food production line includes raw material processing to the final product packaging for fully automated production. And the production line has various capacity, cost-effective,flexible configuration,reliable with gentle processing techniques,which can meet different requirements, also and customized according to customers’ requirements.
Flow chart of pet food production line
The processes of this pet food production line mainly include material grinding, material mixing, pellets extruding, pellets drying, and pellets packing. The related machines are as follows.

¡ô The PLC control system will control of process parameters and automation precisely to ensure optimized pellet quality,it’s include gelatinization, expansion, texture and consistent quality. These quality standard can be achieved because extruding screws ensure homogeneous processing and positive pumping.Our extruding process oriented to customer value strictly, automatic extruding process, steam add process, precise control of sinking and floating material.To get proper degree of curing, curing degree and improve digestion and absorption rate,which are easily programmed and contribute to the line¡¯s high performance.
¡ô Intelligent pet food extruder : recipe management,process management, installed sensors, control and maintenance. Advanced technology cat food production line contributes to lower operating costs and facilitates consistent nominal production.
¡ô Perfect the production of pet food,The product formulations, size, shape, and moisture content can be adjusted according to customer requirements flexibly, and in accordance with the requirements of coloring, flavoring and add various powder ingredients.
¡ô Full range of technical support services, recommended micro-grinding and ultrafine grinding equipment, reasonable control of grinding fineness suitable both for pet food needs and rational use of energy;
¡ô Variety spray equipment with leading technology, quality assurance finished materials; our pet food production line can produce a higher quality pet foods ,improve the quality of feed, while maintaining the valid lifetime vitamins.To minimize production costs and maximize benefits.
¡ô Our feeding system, extrusion system and cutting system has adopted speed-adjusted converter . Stable performance screw feeding machine guarantees stable materials feeding in the whole pellet process.
¡ô The screw is made of alloy by nitriding process with high strength and wear-resting. It has good self-cleaning ability and does not need to discharge or clean the barrel and screw, when roasting or replacing of materials.
¡ô Support services, including design,installation,training, assistance for pet food production line capacity range of 500~5000 kg/h.

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