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Animal feed pellet press mill/chicken feed crushing and mixing

The horizontal twin-shaft ribbon mixer is used to mix dry and powdery materials for the purpose of mixing evenly. During mixing, the material in the material is moved by two rotors moving in opposite directions, and performs a compound motion.

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1.U-shaped barrel structure, stable operation, uniform stirring, no dead angle, clean discharge, and wide application range.

2.The inner and outer double-layer ribbons are staggered and mixed back and forth, with fast mixing speed and high uniformity.

3.Bearings are at both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, and the maintenance rate is low.

4.The screw conveyor is convenient for feeding, the feeding port is flush with the ground, and the feeding is labor-saving and convenient.

5.The internal structure and overall design materials have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.


Model Power voltage Capacity Mixing time
SLHY0.3 1.5KW 380V50HZ 150KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY0.5 5.5KW 380V50HZ 250KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY1.0 7.5KW 380V50HZ 500KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY2.0 15KW 380V50HZ 1000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY2.5 18.5KW 380V50HZ 1000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY5 30KW 380V50HZ 2000KG/Batch 180-240
SLHY7.5 45KW 380V50HZ 3000KG/Batch 180-240


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