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Fish feed ingredients, animal feed pellet machine

When choosing fish feed formulation, there are several principles. So today, I will introduce the fish feed ingredients.

Can we adjust fish feed ingredients according to our local materials? Yes, the fish farmer can adjust fish feed ingredients according to local condition.

Local Fish Feed Ingredients in Benin
The cost of fish feed is a major constraint to fish farming in Sub-Sahara Africa. In the aquaculture value chain, feed is a determining factor and accounts for 60-75% of the total cost of fish production in many African countries. In this respect, protein is the main factor that determines the high market price of fish feed.

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This is partly due to the fact that some of the fish feed ingredients, especially fish meal, compete with human consumption. Thus, alternative cheap sources of protein are needed to overcome the high cost of fish feed. Please to see the pellet making machine.

Some fish farmer use local potential fish feed ingredients available in Benin for their nutritional quality. It’s mainly cereal bran, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, cassava chips, palm kernel cake, soybean and maize.

The proteins ingredients are trash fish, poultry viscera, soybean meal and cottonseed meal, Oyster shell. The highest carbohydrate contents are tapioca, lafun and cassava chips .

It shows local feed ingredients available in Benin to formulate affordable quality fish feeds with adequate nutritional composition to achieve efficient fish farming.

Local Fish Feed Ingredients in Nigeria

For making more profits in aquaculture and fish farming business, Nigeria fish farmers need to cut down fish feed cost because it occupies a big part in the whole production chain.Fish feed accounts for 60%–75 % of the total cost of fish production in many African countries such as Nigeria. But fish feed cost should be only reduced on the basis of ensuring fish can get nutritional feed for good growth and health.

The raw materials and ingredients required to produce high-grade fish feed are readily available in Nigeria. For example, leftovers in the process of livestock husbandry development, such as viscera, blood, bone and fur of pig, cattle, sheep and chicken, can become superior-quality feed after effective collection and proper fish feed production process.


Do all farmed fish eat the same thing?

No. Fish nutritional needs vary by species. Herbivorous fish eat a feed mixture that may contain plant proteins (e.g., soy, corn), vegetable oils, minerals, and vitamins. Carnivorous fish (as well as many herbivorous fish) include fish oils and proteins as well as plant proteins, minerals, and vitamins that achieve the nutrition requirements of the fish and offer health benefits to humans. Traditionally, diets for carnivorous fish contained 30-50% fish meal and oil. Lima fish feed floating machine is also popular.

When choosing fish feed formulation, there are several principles to follow: according to nutrition requirement of farmed fish and nutritional value of feed because different fish has diverse varieties, ages, weights, habits, physiological conditions and even water quality environment, which makes them have different requirements for nutriment; according to palatability and digestibility of feedstuff; according to the balance between protein and amino acid in order to reach the requirements stipulated by nutritional standards; according to lowering materials cost on the basis of nutrients for maximum economic benefits.


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