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LM40-LM120 30-800kg/h floating fish feed pellet machine

Brand: LIMA
Mode: LM40-LM120
Pellet Size: 1.5-10mm
Main power (kw): 5.5-55kw
Capacity (kg/h): 30-800kg/h
Application: Feed Production of Catfish, Tilapia, Tropical Fish, Shrimp, Cats, Dogs, etc.

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Product Parameter:

Model Capacity (kg/h) Main motor (kw) feeder motor  (kw) Screw diameter  (mm) Cutter motor (kw) weight  (kg)
LM40 40-60 5.5 0.4 Φ40 0.4 240
LM50 80-100 11 0.4 Φ50 0.4 320
LM60 100-150 15 0.4 Φ60 0.4 350
LM70 180-200 18.5 0.4 Φ70 0.4 580
LM80 200-300 22 0.6 Φ80 0.6 695
LM90 300-400 37 0.6 Φ90 0.8 950
LM120 500-800 55 2.5 Φ120 1.1 1860


The output pellet can be floating on the water within 12Hours not sinking and not dispersing. Not sinking and not dispersing keep water clearly not polluting. After puffed feed pellet through high temperature will killing such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, not only keep fish eat health food, also keep fish easy to eat and digest, make your fish growing fast.


Both floating fish feed machines and fish feed pellet production line are available for your choice!

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